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Welcome to PhotoBooth Artwork!  Let’s get creative together!

No matter the event, we’ve got you covered with our library of artwork that is updated frequently, and our customizable options to ensure that your vision comes to life!  A great way to get started is by scrolling through the interactive home page or watching our welcome video for an easy tutorial on the basics.  

Once you’re feeling inspired, browse through our shop page for designs.  With over one thousand layouts of ready-made templates, select your favorite and use the personalization tools to easily modify your event details.  If you find the wording we’ve chosen for the design doesn’t fit your theme, you can select from our Text options to find a more fitting typographic.  Alternatively, for completely personalized artwork, visit the Blank Template section to create your own photo booth template from scratch, with complete creative input where the only limit is your imagination!

For all of our small business owners and independent contractors out there, we encourage you to check out our Art Club page!  If you love our templates and want more, we offer a variety of monthly subscriptions that give access to up to twenty templates a month.  For larger entertainment companies, we even offer an unlimited subscription which puts all of our customizable designs and the Blank Template editor on demand whenever the need arises.  

Finally, check out our Instagram page for the latest updates on new template launches every week, and don’t forget to tag us in your event pictures! 


Our Photo Booth Artwork Provides:

  • Fully Customizable Text
  • Multiple Color Options
  • Strip Variations
  • Postcard Variations
  • Strips in single & doubled forms
  • Linked Facebook Images
  • Linked Instagram Images

Print Out Artwork Size Variations:

  • Postcard: 6in. X 4in. (1800px x 1200px)
  • Postcard: 4in. X 6in. (1200px x 1800px)
  • Strip: 2in. X 6in. (600px x 1800px) (Downloadable as 2×6 or doubled up to be a 4×6)
  • Strip: 6in. X 2in. (1800px x 600px) (Downloadable as 6×2 or doubled up to be a 6×4)
  • Square: 4in. X 4in. (1200px x 1200px)

Screen Artwork Size Variations:

  • Welcome Screen: 6 X 4 (1800px x 1200px)
  • Welcome Screen: 6 X 5 (1800px x 1500px) (located within 6 X 4 Welcome Screens)
  • Welcome Screen: 4 X 6 (1200px x 1800px)
  • Choose Template Screen: 4 X 6 (1200px x 1800px)

Animation Variations:

  • Portrait (1080px x 1920px) (H.264) (23.98 fps)
  • Landscape (1920px x 1080px) (H.264) (23.98 fps)


  • Usable with any software that allows you to upload PNG Images
    • Tested with: DSLR Booth, 
    • Tested with: Breeze Systems
    • Tested with: Dark Room
    • Tested with: Photo Booth Upload
    • Tested with: RightBooth
    • Tested with: Social Booth
    • Tested with: Sparkbooth
    • Tested with: Lumabooth
    • Tested with: Photoboof

Go Pro with the Art Club:

If you are a photo booth company with multiple events per month and need consistent artwork, we recommend you join Art Club!  Every month you will receive credits to download the artwork and if you go over your monthly limit you can purchase the artwork at a discount!  We have multiple tiers so if you are interested head on over to the Art Club today!